COVID - 19 Advisory
Applicants are advised to wear a mask, carry sanitizer, download and install Aarogya Setu App and follow social distancing norms at PSKs/POPSKs during the visit.

Private Consultancy Service Provider

Applicants may reschedule their appointments to the nearest operational PSK/POPSK to avail the services. Restrictions on the number of rescheduling allowed for appointments have been relaxed in case applicant is unable to visit the PSK/POPSK on the date of appointment.

Passport Application Form

1. Service Required
If you already have a Passport, then please apply in the Reissue Passport category; Do not apply in New Passport.
Note : In case of TatKal application, Additional fees of Rs.2000 will required to pay at Passport Office in Cash. For Tatkal you need at list 2 Id Proof and 3 Address Proof and If you are Divorced, Separated or Widow You are not eligible for Tatkal Service
2. Applicant Details
3. Family Details (Father/Mother details, at least one is mandatory.)
4. Present Residential Address Details (where applicant presently resides)
5. Emergency Contact Details
6. Previous Passport/ Application Details

Note: If you already have a Passport,then please apply in Reissue Passport category; Do not apply in New Passport.

7. Other Details
Impounded/ Revoked Passport Details.
8. Documents Submitted as Proof
9. Book Appointment (Preferred Place & Date)
Note: The appointment date you choose is tentative and subject to change in case of undeclared public holiday, non-availability of appointment slot or any other reason. We shall book the next available date in that case.

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